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The Irish Goodbye! Classic! I have a friend who did that to me once at a party. I should also point out it was his party. He was the host. He just went to bed with a bunch of people in his house.

On Drama-day In the blog Luna Tics
I left a date at a party once, because he was completely ignoring me. He knew everyone and I knew no one, so I bounced.

On Drama-day In the blog Luna Tics
Ha! Yeah, I’m a sucker for human-interest stories, which is why I watched more of the Depp/Heard trial than I like to admit! I also prefer movies & shows that are character driven for the same reason…I love the human stories.

On Drama-day In the blog Luna Tics
It ate my comment.

On Risk In the blog Luna Tics
Olivia's going through this with her kids. JP promised to get his (booster? he's 8, so I think he's already had one or two) when the girls get their first shots "so they won't be scared." They're lucky they live at the ass-end of nowhere. And, this being Tennessee, they probably won't have much competition for vaccine appointments because Baby Jesus, or something. As frustrating as vaccination was as an adult, it must be ridiculously so for parents of small kids. It sucks.
I'm so sorry, Mary. But I'm glad he seems to perk up a bit after he talks to you! If it makes you feel any better about the obituary thing, my FIL runs his old high school's Hall of Fame inductions every year and this year they're inducting the state championship football team that he was on. He had printed out a list of all the guys on the team who have already passed away and, when they were watching Charlotte for us one day, she "decorated" it for him with markers and insisted they hang it up on their fridge. So, naturally, now they have a list of his dead classmates hanging up in their kitchen. *facepalm*
That's gotta be so hard, Mary. Big hugs.
Pretty sure based on the FB photos you’re correct - guy in the foreground is Caiti’s dad.
Congratulations! Now we just wait for grandkids I assume?

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