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Have a good weekend, Luna. Happy Friday!

On Good stuff. In the blog Luna Tics
I may have eaten Spam once. Like Luna, we were more a beanie weenies type of family.
Meh. No interest in new dick at the moment. Shocking, I know!

On Good stuff. In the blog Luna Tics
I'm raising a glass to the 45th at Changi International Airport in Singapore - 5 am local time with a champagne in hand
Yeah, me too. Sorry buddy, but I am glad you were honest.
Hope you have an amazing weekend!!!!!! Call me if something interesting happens. :)

On Good stuff. In the blog Luna Tics
I only have one pair of discipline jeans (love that--it's totally your intellectual property and I will forever give you props) but sadly they are also my ONLY pair of jeans, and I hate shopping, so if they don't fit I have to chill.
No. He's a stupid asshole. He thinks that birthday greetings are automated, as in, people don't actually go to the trouble of typing a greeting and that FB does it for you, so he railed against all of his fake friends who don't support him but let FB generate generic greetings. I told him that his birthday shows up as a notification, and that if people felt like wishing him well, they could, but it wasn't automatic, and for him to be a fucking dickhead about it was retarded. I should add that like five people even bothered saying Happy Birthday. And he insulted them. Christ, he's such a mess. I talked to my mom last night about lots of things but NOT him. I think she knows now that I truly don't want to hear it. We talked about who has died, or who is dying (a standard theme these days) and whether or not Autumn is applying for enough scholarships, and whether or not we need a bigger coffee table. Spoiler alert! We don't! Which means we'll get one. Buh.